M8 PRO Reformer
A classic wooden reformer made of solid North American maple.

C8-S Pilates Reformer
The C8-S Pilates Reformer is the ultimate Pilates machine, offering many features for an effective full-body workout. The Reformer can be adapted to different levels of exercise and allows you to perform a wide range of exercises to strengthen muscles, stretch and improve balance.

A8 PRO Pilates Reformer
The fourth generation of the A-line reformer, boasting the longest carriage travel of any reformer on the market! This makes the reformer also suitable for higher users.

C8 PRO Reformer
An improved version of the best-selling Align reformer. A carriage with eight wheels for even quieter operation!

Full Cadillac frame
Full Cadillac for upgrading Type C or A reformers.

F3 folding reformer
A foldable reformer for home use that is extremely convenient to store. The carriage never crosses the joint, giving you the same workout feel as on a non-folding reformer.

R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
The R8 stands for Retro (8 wheel) as the Reformer has been designed to replicate many features of Joseph Pilates’s original “classic Reformers”. This includes the carriage and foot bar distances, carriage dimensions, spring bar positions, foot bar height, and Reformer height. 

Pilates chair
The Pilates chair is a must-have for every Pilates studio. The third and improved version of the apparatus.

Pilates Ladder Barrel RC
Ladder barrel is a very useful pilates apparatus and a nice addition to your studio or home gym.

Half Cadillac
Half Cadillac frame for upgrading A, M and C series reformers.

Platform Extender for R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
Looking to add some variety into your Reformer workouts? Enhance your workout on the R8-Pro Pilates Reformer with the Platform Extender. This extension offers a stable and spacious platform, opening up possibilities for diverse and new exercises on the Reformer.

Leg Extensions for R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
Raise your R8-Pro Pilates Reformer and elevate your Pilates workouts with our Leg Extensions. Designed for individuals who are not able to easily lower down to the ground, or for those wishing to workout at a more elevated level.