C8 PRO Reformer

Product number: c8-pro-reformer
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An improved version of the best-selling Align reformer. A carriage with eight wheels for even quieter operation!

  • The carriage has 8 wheels - the additional wheels allow the carriage to move completely silently.
  • Easy to move the spring position - no need to unhook the spring, no stopper needed
  • Large space saving; stackable or vertical
  • Improved movable and removable shoulder rests. Now interchangeable shoulder supports, allowing those with broader as well as narrower shoulders to exercise on the same machine
  • Maple pole stand 3 adjustable headrest heights, which is even more stable with the new model
  • Improved self-lubricating plastic wheels on the carriage and guides for even smoother movement
  • 106.5 cm of travel (previous generation only 100.5 cm)
  • Carriage length: 92 cm (previous generation 86 cm)
  • 5 nickel-plated springs; 3 different strengthses (2x light, 2x medium, 1x strong)
  • 4 positions for the foot bar; including horizontal
  • 7 adjustable heights for rope carriers (use of leg extensions required)
  • Quick simultaneous rope length adjustment system; 7 different lengths
  • Adjustable leg height for optimum reformer positioning
  • Patented "Align-Pilates Silent system" for silent operation of the reformer when using ropes
  • Suitable user height 145cm- 193cm
  • The lightest reformer in its class
  • CE Tested, independent testing EN ISO 20957-1:2013 (see full report)
  • Length: 239.5 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Height: 24 cm (with leg extensions 42 cm)
  • Vertical: 240 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • 106.5 cm (previous generation only 100.5 cm)
  • Carriage length: 92 cm (previous generation 86 cm)
  • Suitable user height 145cm- 193cm