RfX All-In-One Bundle

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Introducing the RfX All-In-One Bundle combines every essential Pilates prop from our new RfX Pilates prop collection, providing you with the ultimate toolkit for total-body transformation and enhanced performance.

Included in this bundle are our 1 kg RfX Motion Weights, meticulously crafted to intensify your workouts and maximize muscle development. With their versatile design, they seamlessly integrate into any exercise routine, offering a dynamic way to enhance strength and endurance. 

Next up are our innovative 2 kg RfX Sculpt Weights, designed to target specific muscle groups and refine your physique with precision. Engineered for comfort and performance, they provide unparalleled grip and stability, empowering you to sculpt and tone your body with ease.

Completing the ensemble are our must-have Pilates props: the 4.5 kg RfX Core Circle, 7 kg RfX Balance Beam, and RfX Balance Ball. The RfX Core Circle is a versatile accessory designed to improve strength, flexibility, and stability, while the RfX Balance Beam enhances balance, functional fitness, and core strength. Meanwhile, the RfX Balance Ball serves as a versatile tool for rehabilitation, exercise, and relaxation, offering a wide range of uses from strengthening and deep muscle activation to balance exercises and stretching.

Crafted from high-quality materials, each prop in the RfX All-In-One Bundle is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability through every workout. With their ergonomic designs and superior performance, these props empower you to expand your exercise routine and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.