AfaScan ScanLeader 3

Product number: afascan-scanleader-3
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AfaScan- The world’s first high-tech integrated fitness assessment platform

AfaScan measures explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance. 

AfaScan enables coaches and athletes to assess fitness levels like never before. In-depth fitness data motivates individuals to achieve their goals. Training progress is visible in every training session

Accurate and reliable
AfaScan systems use advanced sensor technologies, including a high-precision force platform and 3 highly sensitive wireless sensors. The system is fast, highly accurate and reliable. 

Fast and easy
AfaScan quickly and easily performs a comprehensive fitness assessment with 7 tasks in just 10 minutes.

Professional and versatile
Covers all major muscle groups and hundreds of individual sports movements.

Elite workout
Now trainers can quickly assess target strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to design tailored classes to reach fitness goals faster.

AfaScan systems can digitally perform a range of commonly used sports performance and functional health assessments. These tests can greatly improve the credibility and effectiveness of the work of coaches and health management agencies.

Popular AfaScan assessments:

Functional fitness assessments -Ironmen 7 Tasks

Yoga/Pilates Fitness Assessments

Joint Range of Motion

Body composition analysis

Adolescent (3-6 and 7-15 years) sports fitness assessment

Double Plate System
The dual force plate system consists of two independent force measurement plates. It can measure the force and power output of the left and right leg (arm) simultaneously and monitor the symmetry of the upper and lower limbs. It is essential for professional sports performance and sports rehabilitation analysis.

PACKAGE DIMENSION: Scanleader 1,2,3 - 890mmx1400mmx820mm -160kg


  • Dimensions: 650 mm W x1230 mm L x150 mm H
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Connectors: 2x USB 2.0, 1x RJ45
  • Display: 109cm 1080P


  • Dimensions: 36.5mm L x 30mm W x 13mm H
  • Sensors: 2 sets
  • Wireless protocol: 2.4G
  • Frequency: 802.15.4
  • Sampling rate: 200Hz

Output from sensors:

  1. Maximum force,
  2. Average force
  3. Centre of force
  4. Leg muscle strength
  5. Balance


  • Dimensions: 660 mm W x 500 mm L x 90 mm H
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Sampling rate: 200Hz
  • Measuring range: 2000kg