A300 Leg Press
The A300 Leg Press was designed with a higher foot plate to increase hip flexion and decrease knee flexion. This maximizes glute activation by causing them to work harder at the beginning of the movement. The decreased knee flexion reduces shearing forces, preserving the health of your knees. The separate foot plates allow you to train each leg independently, the way we function.

AfaScan ScanLeader 3
AfaScan- The world’s first high-tech integrated fitness assessment platform. AfaScan measures explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance. AfaScan enables coaches and athletes to assess fitness levels like never before. In-depth fitness data motivates individuals to achieve their goals. Training progress is visible in every training session

AfaScan Leader 3
Mobile and Powerful: The mobile AfaScan Leader series can conduct professional evaluation and training in various indoor and outdoor sports and training scenes. It has full capabilities of Scanleader Series, while it is more convenient.

Wattbike AtomX
The most advanced indoor bike!

M8 PRO Reformer
A classic wooden reformer made of solid North American maple.

Wattbike Trainer
Model: Trainer - 2000W
Original Wattbike. When all that matters is power and control!

C8-S Pilates Reformer
The C8-S Pilates Reformer is the ultimate Pilates machine, offering many features for an effective full-body workout. The Reformer can be adapted to different levels of exercise and allows you to perform a wide range of exercises to strengthen muscles, stretch and improve balance.

A8 PRO Pilates Reformer
The fourth generation of the A-line reformer, boasting the longest carriage travel of any reformer on the market! This makes the reformer also suitable for higher users.

C8 PRO Reformer
An improved version of the best-selling Align reformer. A carriage with eight wheels for even quieter operation!

Full Cadillac frame
Full Cadillac for upgrading Type C or A reformers.

F3 folding reformer
A foldable reformer for home use that is extremely convenient to store. The carriage never crosses the joint, giving you the same workout feel as on a non-folding reformer.

R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
The R8 stands for Retro (8 wheel) as the Reformer has been designed to replicate many features of Joseph Pilates’s original “classic Reformers”. This includes the carriage and foot bar distances, carriage dimensions, spring bar positions, foot bar height, and Reformer height. 

Pilates chair
The Pilates chair is a must-have for every Pilates studio. The third and improved version of the apparatus.

Pilates Ladder Barrel RC
Ladder barrel is a very useful pilates apparatus and a nice addition to your studio or home gym.

Half Cadillac
Half Cadillac frame for upgrading A, M and C series reformers.

kBox Active Platform
The kBox is a series of premium devices for flywheel training, based on sound scientific support. kBox Active systems offer the essentials of flywheel training for all levels of users.These are fundamental systems based around our robust kBox Active Platform, ideal for gym studios, group classes, amateur athletes, and more.The platform is assembled by Swedish expert technicians with a jet black coloured steel chassis requiring minimal floor space. As with every kBox system this model has a built-in automatic belt length adjustment mechanism for seamless transitions between drills and individuals.

Rower RfX 2.0
Introducing the Rower RfX 2.0 – Elevating your rowing experience to new heights! Embark on a journey of innovation and performance with the Rower RfX 2.0, the next evolution in our line of premium rowing simulators. This new version takes everything you loved about the original RfX Rower and elevates it to new heights. Immerse yourself in a world of enhanced design, improved functionality, and an even more exhilarating rowing experience. This rowing machine is meticulously crafted from solid American hardwood, a material renowned for its exceptional durability and strength.

€899.14* €1,099.00* (18.19% saved)
The Exxentric kMeter is a wireless science-based feedback system for flywheel training. The certified kMeter system accurately monitors power and energy while providing force estimates of during strength training on select models in our series of Flywheel Training equipment. It is used by coaches and physiotherapists as well as directly by athletes & patient.

RfX All-In-One Bundle
Introducing the RfX All-In-One Bundle combines every essential Pilates prop from our new RfX Pilates prop collection, providing you with the ultimate toolkit for total-body transformation and enhanced performance.Included in this bundle are our 1 kg RfX Motion Weights, meticulously crafted to intensify your workouts and maximize muscle development. With their versatile design, they seamlessly integrate into any exercise routine, offering a dynamic way to enhance strength and endurance. Next up are our innovative 2 kg RfX Sculpt Weights, designed to target specific muscle groups and refine your physique with precision. Engineered for comfort and performance, they provide unparalleled grip and stability, empowering you to sculpt and tone your body with ease.Completing the ensemble are our must-have Pilates props: the 4.5 kg RfX Core Circle, 7 kg RfX Balance Beam, and RfX Balance Ball. The RfX Core Circle is a versatile accessory designed to improve strength, flexibility, and stability, while the RfX Balance Beam enhances balance, functional fitness, and core strength. Meanwhile, the RfX Balance Ball serves as a versatile tool for rehabilitation, exercise, and relaxation, offering a wide range of uses from strengthening and deep muscle activation to balance exercises and stretching.Crafted from high-quality materials, each prop in the RfX All-In-One Bundle is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability through every workout. With their ergonomic designs and superior performance, these props empower you to expand your exercise routine and achieve your fitness goals with confidence. 

€249.89* €293.99* (15% saved)
Adjustable weights 24 kg
ReformX adjustable weights are an innovative and practical accessory for training at home or in the gym.The weights are easy to adjust and allow you to adjust the weight according to your needs. Their compact design makes them ideal for storing and carrying, and they take up very little space. With this product, you can perform a variety of strength and endurance exercises and achieve the results you want.

RfX Power Trio
Introducing the RfX Power Trio bundle – your ultimate toolkit for total-body transformation and enhanced performance. This exclusive bundle combines three of our top products: two 2 kg RfX Motion weights, two 2 kg RfX Sculpt weights, and the 4.5 kg RfX Core Circle, providing you with everything you need to unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness goals. RfX Motion ankle and wrist weights are engineered to elevate the intensity of your workouts and maximize muscle development. With their easy-to-adjust design, they seamlessly integrate into any exercise routine, from Pilates to HIIT training, helping you push your limits and see results faster. Next up are our innovative RfX Sculpt weights that are crafted with ergonomic precision, they offer unparalleled comfort and grip, ensuring stability and control throughout your workout sessions.Completing the trio is our RfX Core Circle – a game-changer in Pilates training. This versatile accessory is designed to improve strength, flexibility, and stability, making it the perfect addition to your Pilates routine. Made from high-quality materials, it offers a comfortable and secure grip, whether you're engaging in gentle Pilates exercises or more vigorous HIIT and aerobics workouts.With the RfX Power Trio bundle, you'll experience the ultimate synergy of strength, flexibility, and stability, empowering you to take your fitness journey to new heights.

€158.95* €187.00* (15% saved)
kBar Variation: Knurled
The Exxentric kBar is available in several variations with a comfortable, versatile and durable build intended for handling loads of up to about 200 kg/440 lbs/1960 N or 400 kg/880 lbs/3920 N.

Harness size: L
The Exxentric Harness is vital to anyone looking to get the most out of their platform-based flywheel device. It enables you to unleash all your strength while training on the kBox, and it’s a more advanced alternative to the Hip Belt attachment.

Platform Extender for R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
Looking to add some variety into your Reformer workouts? Enhance your workout on the R8-Pro Pilates Reformer with the Platform Extender. This extension offers a stable and spacious platform, opening up possibilities for diverse and new exercises on the Reformer.

Foot Block
Foot Block Compatibility with kBox: Lite / Active | Foot Block Functionality: Standard
The Exxentric Foot Block is a simple yet important accessory for anyone that wants to get the most out of their flywheel training experience on the kBox. Besides their standard intention for improvements in users’ abilities to change direction in sports, they can now also be purchased as a 2-in-1 platform extension version to add an additional 5 cm to your kBox.

RfX Balance Beam
The RfX Balance Beam is designed to improve your strength, balance and functional fitness. This bar is a dynamic tool to activate all major muscle groups while offering a variety of uses.Due to its design and weight, the RfX Balance Beam is not only designed for lifting, but is also ideal for workouts that focus on controlled movements that strengthen both the core of the body as well as the lower and upper body.You can tailor your workout to use the weight of the bar to increase the intensity of exercises that are key to developing functional strength and better fitness.Our Balance Beam is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. Its smooth yet firm surface provides excellent grip, allowing you to safely and effectively perform your favorite exercises. You can now expand your exercise routine with exercises you couldn't do before - all with just one bar.RfX Balance Beam weight: 7 kg. 

Leg Extensions for R8-Pro Pilates Reformer
Raise your R8-Pro Pilates Reformer and elevate your Pilates workouts with our Leg Extensions. Designed for individuals who are not able to easily lower down to the ground, or for those wishing to workout at a more elevated level.

RfX Essentials Bundle
RfX Essentials Bundle combines two of our top products: the RfX Motion weights and RfX Sculpt weights, giving you everything you need to boost your workouts and shape your body.Inside the bundle, you'll find our RfX Motion ankle and wrist weights. These are super easy to adjust and fit perfectly into any workout routine, whether you're doing Pilates, aerobics, HIIT training, or yoga. They help you crank up the intensity of your workouts and build muscle, no matter if you're just starting out or already a pro. And then there are our RfX Sculpt weights, designed to fit comfortably in your hand. They're perfect for adding to your Pilates routine or targeting those arm muscles. With their smart design, they won't slip out of your grip during exercise, giving you a secure hold every time. Both the RfX Motion and RfX Sculpt weights look sleek and stylish, blending seamlessly with your other workout gear. They're not just functional; they add a touch of elegance to your fitness setup. With the RfX Essentials Bundle, you've got everything you need to take your fitness journey to the next level.The RfX Essentials Bundle contains: Two 1 kg RfX Motion Weights and two 2 kg RfX Sculpt Weights.

€91.80* €108.00* (15% saved)
RfX Core Circle
Discover strength, flexibility and stability with our RfX Core Circle, an innovative accessory designed to enhance your Pilates workout. This multi-purpose Pilates Ring is ideal for improving strength, agility, endurance and balance.It is made from high-quality materials, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during all exercises. Its robust design allows it to be used in more vigorous exercise forms such as HIIT and aerobics, while maintaining the elegance required for Pilates.RfX Core Circle weight: 4.5 kg

Color: Standard | Flywheel option & compatibility: XS - 0.005 kgm² / Fits all devices
The Exxentric Flywheels are an indispensable part of the kBox, kPulley and SingleExx series of flywheel training devices. They are made from laser cut, balanced and powder coated carbon steel. The number and size of the flywheels used determine the inertia of the flywheel training experience. The color coded option makes it easier to distinguish between the inertia levels of each flywheel.

Hip Belt
Hip Belt size: Medium-Large
The Exxentric Hip Belt is great for lower body exercises, especially in groups due to its adjustable size. Its lightweight but strong design is perfect for flywheel training.

RfX Sculpt Weights
RfX Sculpt Weights are designed to build muscle strength and sculpt the body. They are designed with comfort and performance in mind. With their unique shape, they fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and provide a firm grip, reducing the chance of slipping during exercise.Whether you incorporate them into your Pilates workouts or use them to strengthen your arms, they offer the flexibility and comfort you need to enhance your workout.The gentle lines and discreet aesthetic match your workout equipment, while ensuring they are both functional and attractive.Each pack includes 2x 2 kg RfX Sculpt Weights.Please note that all pre-orders will be processed and dispatched at the end of May. For more information or assistance, please contact us at

RfX Motion Weights
Our RfX Motion Weights are essential for anyone who wants to make their workouts more challenging and effective. They are made from high quality materials to ensure comfort and longevity, while allowing easy adjustment to different sizes. They are ideal for increasing intensity in a wide range of activities including Pilates, aerobics, HIIT training and yoga. With our weights, you can easily control the load to improve muscle development and achieve better results in your fitness goals. Their versatility and flexibility make them suitable for everyone, whatever their fitness level.  Each pack contains two 1 kg weights, ideal for beginners and experienced users who want an extra challenge during their workout.

Package of 3 RfX hip bands
Looking for an effective way to improve your fitness and shape your body? The RfX Hip Band pack, is the perfect workout prop to help you achieve the results you want in shaping your muscles and increasing your strength. The pack contains three different elastic bands with different levels of resistance, designed for different types of workouts and different levels of experience. Each elastic is made of high quality material, ensuring long-lasting use and comfort during your workout. The elastics are durable and easy to use.

kGrips Variation: Original
The Exxentric kGrips are essential for unlocking the versatility of any flywheel device suitable for both upper and lower body training. They are comfortable, versatile, light and available in several variations to accommodate more natural ranges of motion during exercise and thereby minimizing joint stress.

Pilates mat
The Pilates mar is an indispensable accessory for all Pilates, yoga and fitness enthusiasts. It is made of high-quality TPE material and provides complete comfort and support during your workout. It is lightweight and easy to store and is ideal for training in the studio, at home or outdoors.

RfX Hip Band - Medium Leopard
Color: Leopard | Resistance: Medium
RfX hip band is a multi-purpose elastic for functional training, body shaping as well as glute and leg strengthening. It is made of cotton with a non-slip rubber inner backing that gives you a quality and safe workout without the elastic wrinkling and sliding.It comes in a handy packaging and is easy to take anywhere. A must-have for your home gym, fitness centre or on holiday, it doesn't take up much space. It's especially suitable for use in the home gym or for group workouts. At home, on holiday, or to spice up your workout routine.

Massage ball
The massage ball allows you to release muscle tension, improve your well-being and achieve greater mobility. You can use it to massage any part of your body, from your neck and back to your feet. It fits precisely to the area where you feel tension or pain. By pressing and rotating the ball, you can precisely target problem areas to achieve instant relief. The massage ball is the perfect tool for therapeutic massage and trigger point release. Used correctly, it can relieve muscle knots and reduce pain.

RfX Balance Ball
The Pilates ball is a great tool for rehabilitation, exercise and relaxation. It is made of a durable and lightweight material, which ensures exceptional durability and easy portability. In rehabilitation, it serves as an excellent tool to relieve and relax tense muscles. It is also indispensable as a support when sitting in the low back or under the head, ensuring comfort and correct body positioning.It is a versatile tool that can be used for: body strengthening, deep muscle activation, balance exercises, stretching and even massage.

Elastic for Pilates
The Pilates elastic is designed to be used for a variety of exercises and movement activities. Whether you are doing Pilates, yoga, muscle strengthening or rehabilitation, the elastic will help you. Our elastic is made from high quality materials to ensure long-lasting use and durability. The Pilates elastic can be easily stored away in your bag or backpack, allowing you to exercise anywhere, anytime.