Wattbike AtomX

Product number: wattbike-atomx
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The most advanced indoor bike!

The AtomX is the most advanced indoor bicycle and is very similar to a real road bike.

Main features:

  • Climb mode lets you tackle the world's toughest climbs in the comfort of your own home. "Atom's smart resistance automatically adjusts the difficulty of the ride according to the terrain you choose.
  • The "Atom" adjusts its "Atom's speed" according to its "Atom's control" technology.
  • Data accuracy is ±1% across the power spectrum
  • Connectivity with Zwift, Peloton and other popular apps
  • Compatibility with Cortex devices
  • PES ("Pedalling Effectiveness Score") technology communicates pedalling performance with a colour display and is very user friendly and easy to understand.
  • The high-resolution touchscreen contains different workouts, tests, interval training and allows the user to personalise the workout.
  • Polar view technology gives you a detailed view of every turn you make with the pedal.
  • "Real ride feel technology gives you the feeling of riding a road bike.

The bike is compatible with all apps that are compatible with ANT+ (inc FE-C) or BLE (inc FTMS) technologies. Compatible devices can be found here.

    • Model: AtomX
    • Height: 137cm
    • Frame Width: 68cm
    • Frame Length: 100cm
    • Footprint: 144 x 68cm
    • Bike Weight: 47.5kg
    • Boxed Weight: 56kg
    • Frame: Aluminium
    • Feet: Rubber Height adjustable
    • Transportation Rollers: Yes
    • Integrated Gear Shifters: Yes
    • Gears: 1 - 22
    • Cranks: 170mm
    • Seat: Racing seat fitted as standard
    • Pedals (Uk): Combination pedals fitted as standard
    • Covers: Heavy-duty ABS plastic construction
    • Chain: Industrial 1⁄2" x 1⁄8" steel
    • Belt: T15 Timing belt
    • Seat And Handlebar Stems: Aluminium
    • Handlebar Height Adjustability: Range 55cm - 76cm
    • Handlebar Fore/Aft Adjustability: Range 0 - 10cm
    • Seat Height Adjustability: Range 52cm - 75cm
    • Seat Fore/Aft Adjustability: Range 0 - 10cm
    • Accuracy:  +/-1%
    • Power Range: 0 - 2500w
    • Resistance: Electromagnetic
    • Third-party Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth, FTMS
    • Third-party App Smart Functionality Control: Any ANT+FEC Bluetooth FTMS enabled app inc Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, FulGaz, RGT
    • Gradient: 0 - 25%
    • Q Factor: 160mm
    • Max. Rider Weight: 150kg
    • Rider Height: 5′–6′ 5″
    • External Power Required: Yes