RfX Balance Beam

Product number: rfx-balance-beam
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The RfX Balance Beam is designed to improve your strength, balance and functional fitness. This bar is a dynamic tool to activate all major muscle groups while offering a variety of uses.

Due to its design and weight, the RfX Balance Beam is not only designed for lifting, but is also ideal for workouts that focus on controlled movements that strengthen both the core of the body as well as the lower and upper body.

You can tailor your workout to use the weight of the bar to increase the intensity of exercises that are key to developing functional strength and better fitness.

Our Balance Beam is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. Its smooth yet firm surface provides excellent grip, allowing you to safely and effectively perform your favorite exercises. You can now expand your exercise routine with exercises you couldn't do before - all with just one bar.

RfX Balance Beam weight: 7 kg.