Pilates Ladder Barrel RC

Product number: pilates-ladder-barrel-mark-ii-pilates
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Ladder barrel is a very useful pilates apparatus and a nice addition to your studio or home gym.

The Pilates "Ladder Barrel" is a great addition to any Pilates studio or as a stand-alone piece of equipment. The Align "Ladder Barrel" offers the greatest flexibility compared to competing "ladder barrels" on the market and other free-standing platforms. The product suits the widest range of users. It allows you to perform supported forward and backward bends, and you can also perform a specific selection of exercises for the central abdominal ("core") muscles, as well as lengthening and strengthening the trunk, back, shoulders and legs.

The Pilates "Ladder Barrel" is made of a steel frame for extra durability and solid maple slats. It is the most adjustable product on the market with a 31cm stroke, with a greater ability to open and close giving maximum flexibility for different types of users.


  • Extra strong steel frame for durability, stability and added strength
  • Solid North American maple wood slats
  • Adjustable legs for easy "barrel" adjustment
  • 2 additional padded panels valued at over €100
  • Height: 105 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length:135 cm