Pilates chair

Product number: pilates-stol
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The Pilates chair is a must-have for every Pilates studio. The third and improved version of the apparatus.

The Pilates chair, also known as the "Wunda chair", was developed by Joseph Pilates as the second main device, after the "Cadillac" and before the reformer. It is designed to help develop symmetry and muscle strength, although at first glance it looks like a simple device. The firmness of the spring allows the difficulty of the workout to be adapted to the user. The machine is ideal for home, commercial as well as rehabilitation training and is a great complement to exercises on other machines.

A new, improved version of the Pilates chair. Compared to the previous model, it has:

  • Improved pedal locking mechanism
  • Redesigned pedal axle with roller bearings
  • New rubber coating on the ratchets for quieter operation
  • Chrome-plated spring mounts for longer durability


  • Proven 4-spring system with 4 positions for each spring and 2 spring rates to ensure a wide range of difficulty
  • Cut-out sides with a modern look for easy access to the spring carrier when the chair is against the wall
  • Additional hooks for attaching accessories to perform additional exercises
  • Option to insert an A2" jump-board, for support of the shoulder blades and correct posture
  • Removable handles are easily attached with one twist and pull button and can be adjusted in height from 115 to 145 cm
  • Split pedals that can be easily connected or separated using the redesigned slider under the pedals
  • Wheels for easy movement of the chair
  • Steel frame coated with an additional layer for increased strength
  • Large rubber supports prevent fingers from accidentally getting stuck under the pedals
  • Single or double pedal function
  • Seat height matches that of a Cadillac and A2 rehabilitation reformer
  • Handles can also be used on reformers for additional exercises
  • Independently CE tested (EN ISO20957-1)(Report)
  • CE Test - Certificate of Conformity(Report)


  • 2 x strong
  • 2 x extra strong
  • Height: 64cm
  • Width: 55cm
  • Depth: 82,5cm