Ankle and wrist weights - pink

Product number: utezke-za-gleznje-in-zapestja.roza
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Ankle and wrist weights are a great prop for those looking for an easy way to increase the load during exercise. 

They are very flexible and can be easily fastened around the ankles or wrists and safely adjusted to different sizes. Whatever your level of experience or exercise goals, these weights will allow you to control the intensity, helping to develop your muscles more effectively and improve your overall physical condition.

Spice up your pilates or fitness workout with weights. Ankle and wrist weights add variety to Pilates, aerobics, HIIT workouts, yoga practice and are designed to shape muscles. They are light enough to perform corrective exercises, and with the right training, you can also firm your muscles and reshape your body.

2 weights are included.

Weight: 0.5 kg

Colour: pink or grey

Weight: 0.5 kg

Two weights included